02 JunPlastering and Earth Oven Workshop @ Haja Center

5日ほど韓国・ソウルを訪れ、オルタナティブ教育を行うHaja Centerで開催された、友人のKyleとPhilによるアースオーブンと漆喰の壁塗りワークショップに参加しました。
Haja Centeの敷地のいたる所に菜園があり、学生たちが管理していました。学生たちは街中に捨てられた自転車をHaja Center内の作業場で修理して、敷地外にある畑に通って作業をするそうです。

I visited Seoul, South Korea, and took part in a Plastering and Earth Oven Workshop lead by permaculture specialists, Kyle and Phil, at an alternative school called Haja Center.
At Haja Center, the students learn how to grow vegetables and rice in the various gardens within the center, and they also have a field where students commute to on their bicycles. The center also has a workshop where students can fix broken/abandoned bicycles.
The Chef School students cook lunch and dinner for all the staff and students.
It was an ideal environment to learn what we need to know in real life, and I was really inspired by the staff and students.

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